LifeStraw® Flex 戶外雙重過濾濾水器連軟水樽

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貨品編號 SKU 
  • LifeStraw® Flex
  • 重量 Weight
  • 167g
  • 容量 Volume
  • 650ml
  • 產品特色 Highlights
  • 雙層過濾設計,第一層中空纖維膜能過濾 99.999999% 細菌及 99.999% 寄生蟲;第二層活性碳膠囊能減少鉛及氯氣,改善氣味及口感,減少有機化學物質(如殺蟲劑、揮發性有機化合物)
  • 通過NSF 53標準,能有效減少鉛及其他重金屬
  • 通過NSF 42標準,能有效減少氯氣
  • 通過US EPA飲用水標準
  • 能確保水的純淨達 log7-log8,達發達國家自來水乾淨水平
  • 可過濾多達 2,000 公升的水量,假設每天使用,可持續使用約六年
  • 不含 BPA 及其他化學物質,沒有任何異味
  • 沒有儲存期限,可購置家中以備不時之需
  • 可獨立使用,亦可配合專用軟水樽、一般膠水樽、軟水袋及大型水袋等使用
  • 附送 650ml 專用軟水樽一個
  • 原料符合美國食品和藥物管理局的法規和標準
  • 首次使用 First Time Use
  • 在首次使用 LifeStraw Flex 之前,擰開頂部及底部的螺旋蓋,並用乾淨的水沖洗。重新組合後即可準備使用
  • 用戶手冊
  • 清潔 Cleaning
  • 請儘可能頻密地遵照以下的清潔程序。最在使用時每日兩次。這樣可以避免濾芯堵塞及幫助清除受困的粒子。適當的保養及使用可幫助延長產品的壽命
  • 步驟1 : 將附送的注射器插入 LifeStraw Flex 的頂蓋,然後將濾芯底部浸入水中 (可以是髒水)
  • 步驟2 : 拉起注射器頂部,這樣會將已過濾的水從濾芯的飲嘴注入注射器
  • 步驟3 : 推下注射器以沖洗濾芯
  • 在儲存您的 LifeStraw Flex 前,請確定已重複以上的清潔程序,以確保所有多餘的水已被清除。 如果水仍留在密封的水樽內時可能會發霉
  • 在長期儲存後,在重新使用前請重複首次使用步驟
  • 注意: 當產品達到使用壽命時,LifeStraw Flex 將不能再濾水。當不能再從管中啜飲到水時,顯示需要更換產品了
  • SKU 
  • LifeStraw® Flex
  • Weight
  • 167g
  • Volume
  • 650ml
  • Highlights
  • 2-Stage filtration: first stage contains microbiological filter that removes 99.999999 % of bacteria and 99.999 % of parasites while the second stage contains activated carbon capsule which reduces organic chemical matter (pesticides, herbicides, VOCs)
  • Exceeds NSF 53 standard for reduction of lead and other heavy metals
  • Exceeds NSF 42 standard for chlorine reduction
  • Exceeds US EPA drinking water standards for bacteria and parasites
  • Can filter 2000L of water, which means it can be used for around 6 years if you use it every day
  • Does not contain BPA or other chemicals, odor free
  • Will not expire, can be used as a back-up at home
  • Can be used separately or with soft flasks, hydration packs, bottles or reservoirs
  • Comes with a 650ml soft flask
  • Made of FDA approved materials
  • First Time Use
  • Prior to the first use of LifeStraw Flex, open top and bottom screw-cap and rinse all parts with clean water. Reassemble and LifeStraw Flex is ready to use
  • User Manual
  • Cleaning
  • Follow this cleaning procedure as often as possible. Minimum twice a day during use. This is to prevent the filter from getting clogged and to help remove any trapped particles. Proper maintenance and use will help to extend the life of the product
  • Step 1: Insert the syringe into the top cap. Dip the bottom of the filter in water (can be dirty water)
  • Step 2: Pull the top of the syringe with filtered water out of the filter mouthpiece
  • Step 3: Press the syringe full of water to rinse the filter
  • Before storing your LifeStraw Flex, make sure to repeat the cleaning procedure to ensure all excess water has been removed, If water is left in a closed bottle it might produce mold
  • After long term storage, repeat the first time use procedure before reuse
  • Note: LifeStraw Flex will no longer filter water when the product has reached the end of its working life. Inability to sip water through LifeStraw Flex indicated that the product should be replaced
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    LifeStraw® Flex

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