Granger's Clothing Care Kit 防水衣物清潔劑及加強噴劑及除臭套裝

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貨品編號 SKU
  • Granger's Clothing Care Kit
  • 產地 Origin
  • 英國
  • 容量 Volume
  • Granger's Performance Wash: 300ml
  • Granger's Performance Repel Plus Spray: 275ml
  • Granger's Active Wash: 60ml
  • 產品特色 Highlights
  • 清除衣物上的污垢及異味,並保持其防水功能
  • 為衣物上的防水層提供額外防護
  • 適用於Gore-Tex®、eVent和所有防水透氣衣物
  • 符合Bluesign® 認證標準,不會對環境造成污染
  • 適用於所有服裝和外衣,包括透氣或防水膜
  • 去除污垢和中和氣味,而不損害性能
  • 提供無碳氟化合物的防水性,無需熱活化
  • 獨特配方,適合各種戶外服飾
  • 免熨燙處理,不需熨燙或烘乾即可回復抗水效果
  • 回復最佳透氣效果狀態
  • Active Wash 可以除臭及減少乾衣時間,於低洗滌溫度更有效
  • 使用方法 Instructions
  • 清潔部份(使用Granger's Perfomance Wash):
  • 1) 如使用洗衣機,清潔一件大件衣物或兩件小件衣物可使用一滿樽蓋(50ml)
  • 2) 如是手洗,則可以將劑量減半
  • 3) 最佳清潔水溫為30℃
  • 4) 清洗後可根據衣物標籤指示使用乾衣機烘乾
  • 補完及加強防水功能部分(使用Granger's Performance Repel Plus (Spray)):
  • 1) 先確認衣物已經清潔洗淨(建議使用Granger's Perfomance Wash 防水衣物清潔劑),並拉上所有拉鍊
  • 2)將噴霧平均噴落於衣物(噴射距離約15cm)
  • 3) 將衣物表面多餘水滴抹走
  • 4) 將衣物掛起讓其自然晾乾
  • SKU
  • Granger's Clothing Care Kit
  • Origin
  • UK
  • Volume
  • Granger's Performance Wash: 300ml
  • Granger's Performance Repel Plus Spray: 275ml
  • Granger's Active Wash: 60ml
  • Highlights
  • This handy kit is all you need to ensure your gear performs. Including our Performance Wash, Performance Repel plus and a free sample of Active Wash, this kit will look after all your gear
  • Performance Wash, a powerful, yet gentle, bluesign® approved, PFC-free cleaner formulated to clean all your outdoor and technical garments. This wash gently removes dirt and eliminates odours while removing harmful residue build-up and maintaining any remaining water-repellency.
  • It’s also recommended as a pre-wash to any waterproofing treatment
  • Performance Repel is a perfect companion to Performance Wash and not just because of the name. This spray-on waterproofing treatment is ideal for restoring the water-repellency in all technical fabrics
  • Active Wash removes lingering odours found in your baselayers. As well as removing dirt and odours, it improves wicking properties and, thanks to its effectiveness at low-wash temperatures, it also reduces kit drying times
  • Suitable for all outdoor and technical garments
  • PFC-free
  • Instructions
  • Cleaning (Using Granger's Performance Wash):
  • 1) To wash with a washing machine, use one 50ml capful per large item, or two smaller items
  • 2) Use half a cap if hand-washing
  • 3) The best water temperature is 30℃
  • 4) Dry garments as per their care label instruction
  • Restoring (Using Granger's Performance Repel Plus (Spray)):
  • 1)Best when applied to a clean, damp garment (we recommend using Grangers Performance Wash), and all zippers should be zipped up
  • 2) Spray Performance Repel directly onto a freshly cleaned, damp garment from around 15cm away
  • 3) Remove any excess drips or droplets with a clean cloth
  • 4) Hang the treated garment to dry naturally, or follow the drying instructions found on the garment’s care label
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