DACH Lunar Lantern 多功能充電式LED露營燈 DACH Lunar Lantern

DACH Lunar Lantern Grey
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灰色 Grey
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  • DACH Lunar Lantern 
  • 重量 Weight
  • 600g
  • 最長使用時間 Max Burn Time
  • 240小時
  • 防水度 Waterproof Level
  • IPX4
  • 電源 Battery
  • 9,900mah 鋰電池 (包括)
  • 亮度 Brightness
  • 20 - 470流明
  • 產品特色 Highlights
  • 去露營的時候,都喜歡一盞散發著溫暖黃光的營燈,帶起氣氛之餘,更是一種露營象徵﹗傳統營燈都使用燃料燃燒發出光作照明,雖然會帶來溫暖,但伴除的是有著一定的重量和危險性,所以近年已流行使用充電式Led燈作為主要照明之用。 
  • DACH 團隊成員是一班熱愛露營人士,深明一盞營燈的重要性,看到市面上許多的Led營燈只是散發著感覺冰冷的白光,因此研發出香港DACH Lunar多功能充電式LED露營燈香港DACH Lunar多功能充電式LED露營燈可更換外罩變換使用方式,先是基本的圓蓋作為營燈照明之用;然後替換成傳營汽燈的組件,這個組件更提供無段式光暗調較,給予使用者傳統汽燈使用體驗;更可替換成電筒組件,為使用者提供行走照明之用。
  • 紅、藍,灰三種顏色,傳營汽燈的組件有著無段式光暗調教,並有可動的反射罩,有需要時加強照射方向的光度,最高光度能達至470流明,色溫達2700k,非常接近傳統汽燈的黃光顏色
  • 有著9,900mah電池容量,提供10-240小時的使用時間,更設有Usb插口給其他電器充電
  • 燈底設有磁石,在家中使用時能夠吸附在鐵上,例如床架或雪櫃之類的地方;如在帳蓬裡使用時,有掛勾可掛在營內,而關上燈後圓罩更有夜光功能,方便尋找
  • 電筒組件能將光線變成集束光,更可調較散射範圍,方便使用者行進時使用
  • 較傳統露營燈少吸引蚊蟲特別的燈泡設計令Lunar散發2700K溫暖柔和的燈光,不但能有效減少蚊蟲的纏繞,更不會影響睡眠質素。
  • 用作流動充電器Lunar電池容量為9900 mAH,可持續照明10至240小時,亦有USB插頭,可隨時隨地為智能手機或其他電器充電。
  • 可動的反射罩提高露營燈的靈活性,控制燈光照射的方向和範圍。
  • 防水等級為IPX4在防水性產品中,一般都會將防水性能分為9個等級,由最低的IPX0級(0級,完全沒有防水保護)到最高的IPX9(第9級,可在連續浸水的情況下,發揮保護作用)。而今次這個香港人露營燈可承受從任何方向射來的水花,達到IPX4級數,可以防止大雨的影響。
  • 縮減版夜光模式關上燈後圓罩有夜光功能,在漆黑下也能看到其蹤影,方便找尋。
  • 4個模式為露營燈,除了關注它的照明能力,其實外殻的功能也非常重要。因為在郊外環境變化大,營內、營外、營地枱上等都可能使用,所以設計師在營燈的外殻設計了以下的4種變化,只要換上適當的配件,令實用性增加。
  • 營燈模式簡單來說是座枱模式,不論BBQ時放在枱上、或是放在帳篷內都安排。
  • 便攜式手提電筒波浪形設計的手柄令用家更方便手持,而且體積亦不算大,放入背囊也不會造成很大負擔。
  • 可分拆的掛鍊燈的頂部設有排勾設計,可以串上鐵鍊後,隨意穿在營地支架或是樹枝上。
  • 燈底設有磁石及掛勾在家中使用時可吸附在鐵上,而在戶外可掛在帳篷裡或背包前方便照明。

    Campfire is the magic that unites people after sunset.


    The evolution of technology for the past hundred years brought us comfort, convenience and well-being. You couldn't imagine living without proper lighting at home, in your car or in the streets - lighting has become a commodity you come to expect at every corner. But isn't there more to lighting than just convenience? Traditional LED lights cruelly lack warmth and comfort, offering some cold hospital-like emotionless lighting.


    Back in the days, gas lanterns were providing warmth, comfort and romance but were lacking convenience.

    This is why we invented Lunar.


    We bring convenience, comfort and warmth together with a unique system for a brand new experience.

    Extensive range of features

    (Interchangeable light shade for multi-functions) (bayonet coupling)

    Comprehensive functions Without Compromising Style

    A well-functioning lantern is not enough for today’s standard. People expect nice design, textures and materials. Lunar has a clean retro design just like your old gas lantern, built with high quality color anodized aluminum to offer an elegant lifestyle experience. Recreate an outdoor adventure sensation even in your bed room or your office desk, make your everyday life an adventure and bring the warm feeling back home with you.

    Being campers ourselves, we developed every detail of Lunar to make it a unique item perfectly suitable to a nice camping experience.

    Golden Glow of light: Lunar generates a warm white light of 2700K and has been designed specifically to give a feeling of warmth and produce a pleasant glow.


    Twins Good quality of Cree led chips are used to insure a long lifespan and a comfortable atmosphere.

    Stays away from the insects: This specific combination makes Lunar less attractive to mosquitoes and other insects than traditional lanterns. (https://www.superbrightleds.com/blog/led-lights-attract-bugs/1697/)

    Better Sleep, Better health: Lunar improves your sleep's quality with a golden glow and avoid uncomfortable blinding lights, slowly easing you into sleep.

    Bright bluish lights tend to disturb your sleep cycles. At night, your brain can easily get confused by bright lights that are identified as sunlight and send a message for your brain to stop producing essential hormone for your body to rest.


    Most LED lights that can be found on the market usually have a CT above 4000K and contain blue wavelength that can scatter when hitting the eye. Although it may seem to provide a clearer vision, it actually harms the retina. The AMA recommends to use LED lights but with lower emission of blue light and shield the LED to reduce the risks. (http://diply.com/viral-trends/article/doctors-warning-everyone-not-to-use-this-light/2)


    For all the reasons, smartphones/common LED lanterns can have a negative impact on the quality of your sleep and potentially caused health problems.

    Lunar's lantern knob allows you to precisely adjust the amount of light you need like traditional gas lanterns would, from a soft dimed lighting for relaxing to a brighter light for your parties.

    Integrated with premium rechargeable 9900mah Li-ion battery, burning time can sustains from 10 and up to 240hours from a single charge depending on the intensity of light you choose, On the other hand, lunar could also be your smartphone's best friend and power up any USB accessories, save trips of running to the store for batteries separately, and money for few thousands pcs of "D" batteries in a long term use.

    In the wild, we can’t always forecast the weather and no one could warn us just before the rain. Luckily, Lunar is waterproof (IPX4) and you can continue your party without having to worry.

    The detachable Top & Side reflectors offer additional flexibility and allow you to control the light beam the way you want.

    Hanging your Lunar, and attaching it with different USB accessories!

    A neat feature that lets you keep track of exactly how much battery you have while charging and using Lunar.

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    DACH Lunar Lantern 多功能充電式LED露營燈 DACH Lunar Lantern
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