Coleman Vail 4 四人帳篷

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  • Coleman Vail 4 
  • 物料 Materials
  • 外帳:Polyester PU coated/Fire retardant
  • 內帳:Polyester No-see-um mesh
  • 地墊:PE, welded, fully integrated
  • 營柱:Fibreglass
  • 重量 Weight
  • 15.3kg
  • 尺寸 Dimension
  • 基本尺寸:470cm x 300cm
  • 前廳尺寸:245cm x 300cm
  • 營內高度:190cm
  • 營柱直徑:-mm
  • 收納尺寸:66cm x 30cm x 28cm
  • 防水度 Waterproof Level
  • 4000mm
  • 適用人數 Suitable For
  • 成人 x 4
  • 產品特色 Highlights
  • Vail® 4 是一個寬敞的家庭隧道型帳篷,為您提供在戶外一個舒適的生活和睡眠區。多個入口可在惡劣條件下更輕鬆地進出
  • 帳篷的外層面料是阻燃的,為了額外的安全性,帳篷門上的拉鍊塞確保在緊急情況下拉鍊總是觸手可及,即使是兒童也是如此 
  • 大雨無法與具有 4000mm 靜水壓頭和全膠帶接縫的聚酯外帳匹敵,這與堅韌的一體式聚乙烯地墊相結合,確保內部乾燥無蟲
  • 外帳還經過 Coleman 的 UVGuard 處理,提供SPF 50 的防曬保護 
  • 其他功能包括無障礙通道以確保輕鬆進出帳篷,超大臥室可讓您一夜安眠,以及帳篷壁上方便的電線開口,方便使用帳篷外的電源 
  • 超大臥室:Coleman XXL 臥室的設計比一般的帳篷臥室更寬敞。舒適地容納我們更大的雙人充氣床墊,它們提供充足的空間,讓您的露營之旅更加愉快,並幫助您在戶外活動中獲得更好的睡眠 
  • 阻燃——安全第一!:我們材料的阻燃特性確保織物不會因失控而危險地燃燒並自熄,從而在緊急情況下有時間逃生 
  • UV Guard™ 防曬: 經認證的實驗室測試證明,具有 SPF50 的 Coleman® UVGuard™ 防護面料可提供出色的紫外線防護。正確使用防曬霜和由 UVGuard™ 保護織物製成的遮蔽物可以在對抗曬傷和紫外線照射方面大有幫助 
  • 附專用收納袋,輕便易攜帶
  • SKU
  • Coleman Vail 4 
  • Materials
  • Flysheet: Polyester PU coated/Fire retardant
  • Inner tent: Polyester No-see-um mesh
  • Ground sheet: PE, welded, fully integrated
  • Poles: Fiberglass
  • Weight
  • 15.3kg
  • Dimension
  • Basic size:470cm x 300cm
  • Vestibule area:245cm x 300cm
  • Tent height:190cm
  • Pole diameter:-mm
  • Storage size:66cm x 30cm x 28cm
  • Waterproof Level
  • 4000mm
  • Suitable For
  • Adults x 4
  • Highlights
  • The Vail® 4 is a spacious family tunnel tent, offering you a comfortable living and sleeping area in the great outdoors. Multiple entrances offer easier entry and exit in inclement conditions.
  • The tent's outer fabric is fire retardant and for extra security, the zipper stoppers on the tent doors ensure that zips are always within easy reach in the event of an emergency, even for children
  • Heavy rain is no match for the polyester flysheet which has a hydrostatic head of 4000mm as well as fully taped seams, this combined with the tough, integrated polyethylene groundsheet ensures a dry and bug-free interior
  • The flysheet is also treated with Coleman’s UVGuard providing SPF 50 protection from the sun’s rays
  • Additional features include barrier free access to ensure easy movement in and out of the tent, extra large bedrooms for a great night's sleep and convenient cable openings in the tent wall that allow easy accessibility to a power source outside the tent
  • Extra Large Bedrooms: Coleman XXL Bedrooms are designed to be mores spacious than the average tent bedroom. Comfortably accommodating our larger double air beds, they offer plenty of space to make your camping trip more enjoyable and helping you get a better night sleep, in the great outdoors
  • Fire Retardant - safety first!: The fire retardant characteristic of our material ensures that the fabric will not flare dangerously out of control and will self extinguish, giving time to escape in the event of an emergency
  • UV Guard™ Sun Protection: Certified laboratory testing proves Coleman® UVGuard™ protection fabrics with an SPF50 provide excellent protection against the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Proper use of sunscreen combined with shelters made with UVGuard™ protection fabric can go a long way in the battle against sunburn and UV exposure
  • Storage bag included
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