CamelBak Delaney™ Belt 戶外運動跑步腰包連水樽 CamelBak Delaney™ Belt

CamelBak Delaney™ Belt Black/Atomic Blue Deep Amethyst/Fiery Coral
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Hydration Belt
HK$460.00 HK$336.00
Color *
黑色 Black/Atomic Blue
藍色 Deep Amethyst/Fiery Coral
紅色 Red

  • CamelBak Delaney™ Belt
  • Gear Capacity
  • 0.75L
  • Hydration Capacity
  • 620ml
  • Dimensions
  • 18.5cm x 52cm x 8cm
  • Weight
  • 160g
  • Highlights
  • Zippered phone pocket conveniently located for quick access and storage
  • Reflectivity for safe early morning or evening runs
  • Strong ITW connecting accessories, do not break upon deformation and can tolerate down to -30°C 
  • Water repellent textile
    • Padded mesh for ventilation
    • Come with a Podium® Chill water bottle (620ml)
    • Podium's light-weight ergonomic design offers excellent squeezability without compromising grip
    • Podium's jet valve is easy to remove for cleaning

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