Black Diamond Distance Carbon Running Poles 碳纖跑山杖 (只限門市購買,不設送貨)

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Black DiamondSKU: Black Diamond Distance Carbon Running Poles - 120cm

Size: 120cm
售價HK$1,050.00 原價HK$1,249.00


貨品編號 SKU
  • Black Diamond Distance Carbon Running Poles
  • 物料 Materials
  • 100% 碳纖維杖身
  • 重量 Weight
  • 115cm:186g (一對)
  • 120cm:190g (一對)
  • 125cm:194g (一對)
  • 使用尺寸 Usable Dimenisions
  • [115cm]:115cm
  • [120cm]:120cm
  • [125cm]:125cm
  • 產品特色 Highlights
  • Black Diamond 行山杖系列中最輕
  • 以碳纖維物料製作的超輕遠足/跑山手杖,專為長距離之越野跑手及追求極端輕便之用家而設
  • EVA foam防滑腕帶,既透氣又吸濕
  • 在手柄位置的防滑EVA foam,設計上故意伸延至手柄下,待你使用時更能抓緊
  • 固定長度
  • 非摺合式
  • 杖尖位置,按你身處不同環境下,可更換橡膠杖尖(已包括)或碳化合金杖尖(需另購)
  • 注意事項 Cautions
  • 由於香港天氣潮濕,使用後,請務必將手杖徹底吹/風乾方可妥善收藏。尤其金屬按紐及手杖內管位置,可能因汗水 或 天雨關係已致沾濕。否則,手杖會因沒有徹底吹 / 風乾而導致氧化,令手杖的使用壽命縮短
  • SKU
  • Black Diamond Distance Carbon Running Poles
  • Materials
  • 100% carbon fiber shaft
  • Weight
  • 115cm:186g (per pair)
  • 120cm:190g (per pair)
  • 125cm:194g (per pair)
  • Usable Dimenisions
  • [115cm]:115cm
  • [120cm]:120cm
  • [125cm]:125cm
  • Highlights
  • If trekking poles are a mountain runner’s “samurai swords,” then the Black Diamond Distance Carbon is the Hattori Hanzo edition
  • Designed in collaboration with BD Athlete Joe Grant, the fixed-length Distance Carbon weighs in at a sleek 95 grams per pole (120 cm), making it our lightest pole in the line
  • 100% carbon fiber construction
  • Non-slip EVA foam mini-grip extension
  • Lightweight, EVA foam grip with breathable, moisture-wicking grip 
  • The touch-points are minimal, though carefully placed, such as the subtle mid-shaft ring for balance and grip while carrying the pole horizontally
  • The slimmed Distance Grip consists of an ultralight, durable EVA foam, and the tip has been completely redesigned to for a lower profile that also accepts z-pole snow baskets
  • Simply put, these poles are engineered to go fast, whether you’re 10 hours into an ultra, or linking peaks in fast and light style.
  • Distance Grip with ultralight, durable foam
  • Mid-shaft ring for horizontal carrying balance and grip
  • Fixed length
  • Tech Tip - Rubber included
  • Tech Tip - Carbide sold seperately.
  • Cautions
  • In view of relatively high humidity in Hong Kong, be sure to store the poles only after they are completely dried up. Take special precaution to the metallic buttons and the inner part of the pole where sweat or rain might have got in unnoticed. If they are not properly dried up before storage, oxidation might take place and this may affect the durability
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