BioLite SiteLight XL 燈籠串燈 BioLite SiteLight XL

BioLite SiteLight XL
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  • BioLite SiteLight XL
  • 重量 Weight
  • 92g 
  • 尺寸 Dimensions
  • 使用尺寸: 32cm x 28cm x 28cm 
  • 收納尺寸: 14.5cm x 4cm x 11.5cm
  • 線長 Cord Length
  • 5 米 
  • 輸入 Input
  • 可透過 BioLite BaseLantern 或 PowerLight供電,或其他USB裝置(使用附送的USB轉接頭) 
  • 亮度 Brightness
  • 300 流明 
  • 產品特色 Highlights
  • 摺疊收納,輕巧方便好攜帶
  • 可輕鬆調整照明角度與亮度(使用BioLite BaseLantern 或PowerLight),營造更有氣氛的露營環境
  • 線長3米,光度300流明
  • 只重92g
  • 在樹木分支或謍桿上掛起來瞬間做出滿月光芒
  • 菊花鏈(Daisy Chain)輸出:可連接其他線束或與其他BioLite SiteLights混合和匹配
  • 設繩索穩定器:協助懸掛在樹枝上
  • 可配合BioLite PowerLight 或 BaseLantern 使用
  • 附收納袋及USB轉接頭)
  • SKU
  • BioLite SiteLight XL
  • Weight
  • 92g 
  • Dimensions
  • Usage: 32cm x 28cm x 28cm 
  • Storage: 14.5cm x 4cm x 11.5cm
  • Inputs
  • BioLite Lanterns or any USB power source using included adapter
  • Brightness
  • 300 Lm 
  • Highlights
  • Packable Fabric Lantern
  • Pack. Pop. Light. This collapsible fabric lantern brightens any campsite with 300 lumens of dimmable ambient light. Hang from branches or poles for an instant full-moon glow that is a welcome break from the harsh glare of a headlamp
  • Set on 15 feet of cord and daisy-chainable, power it with the PowerLight or BaseLantern or any USB source with included adapter. Packing down to a pocketable stuffsack and clocking in at just 92 grams, it puts the 'light' in lightweigh
  • 300 lumen LED collapsible fabric lantern
  • Daisy-chainable: connect multiple string lights
  • Dimming functionality when used with BioLite Lanterns
  • Cord stabilizers for accurate overhead focused light
  • 15 ft (5 m) Of Cord: Hang from branches for a full moon glow
  • Daisy Chain Output: Connect additional strands or mix and match with other BioLite SiteLights
  • Cord Stabilizers: Assists in hanging over branches
  • Power/Daisy Chain Input: Power via USB using included adapter or connect to PowerLight or BaseLantern for added dimming functionality
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    BioLite SiteLight XL 燈籠串燈 BioLite SiteLight XL
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