Snow Peak Tramezzino 摺疊式 多士夾 三文治夾 Outdoor Sandwiches Cooker GR-009

Snow PeakSKU: Snow Peak GR-009



貨品編號 SKU 
  • Snow Peak GR-009
  • 物料 Material
  • 本體:鋁壓鑄(矽膠塗層)
  • 手柄:不鏽鋼、竹集成材
  • 重量 Weight
  • 850g
  • 尺寸 Dimensions
  • 19cm × 33cm × 3cm
  • 產品特色 Highlights
  • 以兩片壓鑄成形的鋁板構成,由於鋁的導熱性非常好,因此可均勻加熱食材
  • 把手採用竹製集成材製作,且具備可折疊式設計,收納精巧不佔空間
  • 從經典火烤三明治到甜點都難不倒它,創意空間無限大
  • 烹調時可將兩隻把手鎖定,把手採用竹製集成材製成,尾端附有鉤環,可輕易鎖定把手
  • 把手形狀易於抓握,把手以竹製集成材製成,且形狀經過特殊設計,可一次握住兩支把手,依然牢靠穩當
  • 烤盤本體分上下兩部份,邊緣有凹緣和凸緣設計,能在烤盤蓋上時避免產生縫隙
  • 「折疊式三明治烤盤」本體以兩處嚙合式鉤爪連結,可輕易拆卸成上下兩部份。拆開後的烤盤還可分別當成煎盤使用
  • 烤盤本體採用導熱效率極高的鋁板壓鑄而成,而且表面經過矽膠塗層加工,不易燒焦食物
  • SKU 
  • Snow Peak GR-009
  • Material
  • Body:Die Cast Aluminum (silicone coating)
  • Handle:Stainless Steel, Bamboo, 
  • Weight
  • 850g
  • Dimensions 
  • 19cm × 33cm × 3cm
  • Highlights
  • Made of two pieces of die case aluminium, which conducts heat very well and heat up the sandwich evenly
  • Handles made of bamboo and is foldable, compact for storage
  • Time for some creativity - not just for sandwich roasting, but also great for making other different desserts
  • Handles can be locked easily while cooking with the handle lock
  • Handles are specially designed for easy holding, very stable even when holding both together
  • Sealing gap on both plates to prevent leaking when they are using together
  • The two plates are attached by detachable claws, they can be used separately as frying pans
  • Aluminium plates conduct heat very well and with the silicone coating prevent  scorching of the food
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