Snow Peak Gear Container BBQ Case UG-080 燒武者攜行袋

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貨品編號 SKU
  • Snow Peak UG-080
  • 物料 Material
  • 布料:420D 尼龍(PVC 加工)
  • 提帶、補強部位:PP 膠帶
  • 附屬收納袋:尼龍紗網
  • 底板:發泡聚乙烯
  • 重量 Weight
  • 720g
  • 尺寸 Dimensions
  • 38cm x 27cm x 31cm(高)
  • 產品特色 Highlights
  • 能收納 1單位的 IGT 裝備,具防水加工,可以直接放置在地面,不用擔心潮濕
  • 本產品不只是燒武者攜行袋,同時也是多功能收納袋
  • 尺寸採用配合 IGT 一單位的模組化設計,不但可收納燒武者,也可放入 1/2 深煎盤或鑄鐵燒烤煎盤等產品。也可重疊收納兩件裝備
  • 上層備有網布口袋,保持袋內透氣
  • 攜行袋收納 1 台燒武者之後,還可再放入鍋具。連瓦斯罐也可放進收納袋裡
  • 多種收納方式:可裝入炊具或瓦斯罐等使用頻率較高的裝配
  • 420D尼龍布+聚氯乙烯加:攜行袋本體採用堅韌耐用的420D尼龍布,內側還施以聚氯乙烯加工(PVC),能輕易拭除覆著的水分或污漬。表面堅韌耐磨,最適合戶外活動使用
  • SKU
  • Snow Peak UG-080
  • Material
  • Fabric: 420D Nylon (PVC processed)
  • Handle, Reinforcing part: PP tape
  • Drawstring part: Nylon mesh
  • Bottom plate: Bell pollen
  • Weight
  • 720g
  • Dimensions
  • 38cm x 27cm x 31cm(H)
  • Highlights
  • A versatile bag that can also store samurai. Matches the single unit size of the iron grill table
  • A storage case system-designed to the size of one iron grill table (IGT) such as a samurai
  • It is a design that does not make you feel uncomfortable even if you store the outdoor gear and kitchen tools that you use frequently, as well as the storage of the burner and the plate burner. Since it can stand on its own even with a small amount of contents, it can also be used as a case for organizing campsites and cars, which tend to be complicated
  • 420D nylon is used as the material for the main body. PVC processing is applied to the back to make it easy to wipe off moisture and dirt. The surface is also resistant to friction, making it useful outdoors
  • Various storage. Packed with frequently used items such as cookers and gas cartridges
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