Thule Capstone Backpack 32L Women's 背包 | Thule Capstone Backpack 32L Women's

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ThuleSKU: Thule Capstone Backpack 32L Women's Atlantic

Color: Atlantic
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  • Thule Capstone Backpack 32L Women's 
  • 物料 Material
  • 210D Robic 尼龍
  • 420D 尼龍
  • 重量 Weight
  • 1.16 kg
  • 容量 Capacity
  • 32L
  • 尺寸 Dimenisions
  • 26cm x 33cm x 53cm
  • 產品特色 Highlights
  • 配備可調式合身懸吊系統、女性專用束帶與臀部綁帶、透氣的網格背墊與內建防雨套,適合一天健行所使用
  • MicroAdjust 懸吊系統讓您在背負的同時調整身長 10 公分/4 英吋,找出最合身的尺寸
  • 透氣性十足的緊實刷毛背部面板,使您能在路途中保持乾燥涼爽
  • 高能見度、可拆下的防雨套使裝備能在風雨中保持乾燥
  • 可調整鬆緊的臀部綁帶,相容於通用的 VersaClick 配件 (需另外購買)
  • 隨附的 VersaClick 登山杖掛環讓您無須卸下背包就能將登山杖掛在臀部綁帶上
  • 背包上方的拉鍊口袋可存放小型物品
  • 臀部綁帶上的口袋能存放零食、電話和其他小型物品
  • 以伸縮布料製成的縮口袋方便您拿取常用裝備
  • 堅固耐用的扣眼織帶可輕鬆地將裝備固定在背包前方
  • 後方的登山杖與冰斧掛環可以在不使用的時候收藏起來
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  • Thule Capstone Backpack 32L Women's 
  • Material
  • 210D Robic Nylon
  • 420D Nylon
  • Weight
  • 1.16 kg
  • Capacity
  • 32L
  • Dimenisions
  • 26cm x 33cm x 53cm
  • Highlights
  • Day hike pack with adjustable, perfect-fit suspension, women's harness and hipbelt, breathable mesh back panel, and built-in raincover.
  • MicroAdjust Suspension system lets you adjust your torso length 10cms/4in while the pack is on to easily dial in the perfect fit 
  • Tensioned mesh back panel provides unparalleled breathability, keeping you cool and dry on the trail 
  • High-visibility, removable rain cover keeps your gear dry during storms 
  • Customizable hipbelt compatible with interchangeable VersaClick accessories (sold separately) 
  • Conveniently store trekking poles on your hipbelt without taking off your pack using the included VersaClick Pole Holder 
  • Zippered pocket at the top of pack stores small items 
  • Hipbelt pocket stores snacks, a phone and other small items 
  • Stretch fabric shove-it pocket provides fast access to often used gear 
  • Easily lash gear to the front of the pack using the durable button hole webbing 
  • Rear hiking pole and ice axe attachments can be stowed when not in use
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